Auburndale Opens Up New Commission Room in City Hall

Walking along the sidewalk outside of Auburndale’s City Hall, the exterior of the building seems unchanged from when it was first built in 1927. The brick is the same brick. The style and shape, maintained as a piece of history in Auburndale’s collection. There aren’t too many cities that have this, a historic building that is still used as the headquarters of the municipality.

While Auburndale’s City Hall looks very much like it did in 1927, the interior of the building has moved and changed many times over the past near century. In its early days, the building quartered the Fire Department and had a garage on the south wing of the building to house the LaFrance fire apparatus. The City Clerk’s Office, Police Department, Public Library, and Utility Billing Office have also used the building in previous years. Today the building houses the Community Development Department, City Manager’s Office, and the Commission Room.

The Commission Room serves as the meeting place for the majority of public meetings and hearings held in the City of Auburndale. The City Commission convenes in the Commission Room every first and third Monday of each month with a few exceptions due to holidays and other events. The Planning Commission, Code Enforcement Board, and other municipal committees also utilize the room. Since Auburndale City Hall’s inception, the Commission Room has been located on the second floor of the east wing. In 2021, planning was finalized and construction began on a new Commission Room on the first floor of the east wing.

Today that new chamber is near completion and was unveiled on Monday, December 5, during a regular city commission meeting. The room features a newly constructed commission dias, progressive control lighting, drop down projection screen, mechanical window shades, and a large City Seal centered behind the commission dias. It’s a new chapter for this room in City Hall, which in the past has served as the office for the City Clerk, police, utility billing, and construction services.

As a part of the unveiling, several past commissioners were invited to attend and were acknowledged by City Manager Jeff Tillman. Present was:

  • Tim Pospichal (9 years as a City Commissioner)
  • Marvin Wiley (11 years)
  • Ronnie Spears (8 years)
  • Charles Johnson (21 years)
  • Jim Spivey (12 years)
  • Bobby Green (6 years)
  • Chuck Corneal (4 years)
  • Donald Smith (9 years)

Several plaques were given to the commissioners of past and present to commemorate the opening of the new City Commission Room. A few people were also recognized for their contributions to the newly constructed room. Jeff Brown was recognized for serving as the Special Projects Director that oversaw the planning of the room during 2021 and into 2022 when he left to take a position with City of Daytona Beach. Mickey Mattison (former Building Official) was also mentioned as the lead contractor for the construction of the room (he was not present). Information Technology Director Jee Hoon Kim was also recognized for leading his team to install and set up the wiring for data and audio/visual systems in the chamber. Lastly, Assistant City Manager Amy Palmer and Administrative Assistant Marsha Johnson were acknowledged for assisting with interior design for the room.

This is a great compliment to the City of Auburndale. The new Commission Room will provide a location for holding meetings and welcoming the public to participate in their local government. Furthermore, moving the chamber to the first floor means better accessibility for residents. The City of Auburndale hopes that this historic renovation to our City Hall serves as a continuation of its local legacy for years to come.