New American Flag Drop Box Installed in Auburndale

Today, a local Eagle Scout helped us unveil and install a new drop box in Auburndale. The purpose of the drop box is to accept retired American flags.

The project has been led by Eagle Scout Nathan Lugo. The City supplied an old retired drop box that was previously used for utility collections. Over the past 15 months, Nathan and his fellow scouts have worked to restore the box.

They did a tear down of the box, sanded everything down, painted the box inside and out, reassembled it, and applied a wrap of the American flag. Now the drop box is installed at Pontotoc Street, across from Auburndale’s Post Office.

Residents are invited to use the drop box as a place to deposit retired American flags. These flags will go on to be used in a variety of ways. This includes a local group that collects the stars from retired flags as keepsakes for veterans. Another extended use of the American flag is for the cremation of a veteran.

A special thanks to Vice Mayor Keith Cowie (who is an Eagle Scout) for attending the installation. Another special thank you to CRA Service Worker Mike Butler for assisting with the installation of the American Flag Drop Box.