Detective Harry Anderson Retires After 23 Years

The retirement of Detective Harry Anderson was celebrated on Thursday, June 8, 2023. A ceremony was held in the Police Department’s Community Room with family members, administration, colleagues, and friends. Detective Anderson was recognized for his 23 years of service and was given a Chief Commendation for his steadfast work on an attempted murder case that took place in October of 2022.

Harry Anderson graduated from the police academy and began his career with Auburndale Police Department in 2000. He was a founding member of the Special Enforcement Unit. He became a senior officer in 2009, served as a corporal for 5 years, and transferred to the Criminal Investigations Unit as a detective in 2015.

As a detective, Harry Anderson has led several cases that were relatively high-profile in the local area. He has served as a member of the Public Safety Honor Guard. He has also been a member of the Officer-Involved Deadly Incident (OIDI) task force, which responds to officer-involved shootings countywide. Harry Anderson has received nearly 50 positive recognition reports, 2 Deputy Chief commendations and several Chief commendations.

We wish Harry Anderson well in his future endeavors as he plans to work with the University Police Department at Florida Polytechnic. Congratulations, Detective Harry Anderson!