Fiber Optics Network is Expanding in Auburndale

Upcoming Schedule:

NeighborhoodUtility LocatingConstruction/Installation
Lake Whistler EstatesCompleteComplete
Kirkland LakesCompleteComplete
Kinstle HillCompleteComplete
Keystone NeighborhoodsCompleteComplete
Arrowhead EstatesCompleteComplete
Lake Dickey AreaCompleteComplete
North Lake Ariana BlvdCompleteComplete
North Lake Lena AreaCompleteComplete
West Bolender Road AreaCompleteComplete
West of Lake Stella, Bay Street Area, AHS AreaCompleteComplete
Southeast of Stadium RoadCompleteComplete
Bridgers to 92: Ariana Ave. to Bennett St.CompleteComplete
Lake Ariana to Bridgers: Ramsgate/Ralford to Ariana Ave.CompleteComplete
Gabarone Blvd CompleteComplete
Somerset ImageCompleteComplete
Berkley Point ImageCompleteComplete
Oak Crossing ImageCompleteComplete

On June 6, 2022, Frontier Communications presented a new project to the Auburndale City Commission that would see an expansion of their fiber optics cable network in the Auburndale area. The City has been working with Frontier Communications to provide reliable and consistent information to residents as the project develops. This article will be an established resource for residents to visit for up-to-date information on the project, including a schedule of upcoming work.


About the Project

Frontier Construction teams will be working in various neighborhoods, placing Frontier Fiber Optic cable lines underground or on utility poles. This advanced technology will offer broadband internet services over a dedicated fiber line that runs directly to your home. This service will allow increased upload and download speeds that range from 500 megabytes to 2,000 megabytes (2 gb) per second on a dedicated fiber optic line. Prior to the installation of cables, utility providers will need to locate underground utility lines in specified neighborhood areas.


What to Expect in Your Neighborhood:

You will start to see door hangers being placed throughout the neighborhood. You will also see flags and paint on the ground or street. As required by law, Frontier/utility providers will locate and mark existing underground utilities (i.e. water, sewer, gas and power lines, etc.) to prevent damage and ensure public safety. They will identify these lines with the temporary water-based paint markings in or near your yard, mainly in the public utility easements.

If neighborhood utilities are underground, Frontier’s contractor will excavate in the public right of way to make path for the fiber-optic cable and then restore any impacted streets, sidewalks or landscaping to as good or better condition when the installation is completed.

If the neighborhood utilities are on utility poles, Frontier’s contractor will need to access any facilities or poles on your property (including backyards).

After street construction is completed, Frontier will install, connect, and test the fiber optic cable.



As stated before, this page will serve as resource for up-to-date information about the project. At the bottom of the page you can find a schedule of upcoming work that will be updated weekly. These weekly updates will also be posted to the City of Auburndale’s Facebook page.


Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about the fiber optic cable installation project, please contact our designated contact: Lambert’s Cable Splicing, LLC  // 888-616-6305 // [email protected]