Mayor Dorothea Taylor Bogert Becomes President of Ridge League of Cities

On Tuesday night, Mayor Dorothea Taylor Bogert was sworn in as the President of the Ridge League of Cities (RLC) during the Membership Dinner Meeting at the Auburndale Civic Center.

This marks a continuation of Auburndale’s legacy of representation and leadership within RLC. The first Ridge League President was Auburndale Mayor R.C. Allen, elected in July 1948. Several other Auburndale officials would serve as RLC President through the years: Mayor Sam Newbern (1959), City Manager Bruce Canova (1963), Commissioner Ed Crackel (1981), Mayor Richard Hamann (2001 and 2012), Commissioner Ronnie Spears (2008), and Mayor Tim Pospichal (2016).

The dinner was also the celebration of RLC’s 75-year anniversary since it’s founding in 1947. Florida League of Cities President Jolien Caraballo was invited as a guest speaker for the evening.